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Construction projects result in cancellation of the Strictly Boaters Boat Show

The organizers and staff of the Strictly Boaters Boat Show are very disappointed to announce that the 2016 Show has been cancelled due to issues with local construction. While it had long been uncertain how the construction at the end of the Parkway would impact the Boat Show, we had decided to press ahead with the 2016 event anyway.

Then, just last week the “other shoe dropped” when the Cape May County Engineer informed us that yet another construction project was scheduled to commence at the end of March, and like the Parkway project, it too was scheduled to continue through the end of May. It immediately became obvious to the organizers that this new project would certainly impact the show since it involved repairs to the Schellengers Landing Bridge which is immediately adjacent to South Jersey Marina.

The scope of the project includes reducing traffic across the bridge from two lanes to just a single shared lane while the deck and steel supporting members are replaced. The area affected is Route 109 (in front of the Marina) from 1st Avenue here on the Landing to Union Street in the City of Cape May. According to the Engineer, traffic will be rerouted and controlled by detours and temporary signals and signs during construction.

After eight years, The Strictly Boaters Boat Show has established itself as a niche’ boat show that caters to authentic boat buyers. However, it was obvious that the combination of two major road projects bracketing the host marina would present an insurmountable obstacle to attendance and participation, while at the same time possibly jeopardizing the safety, convenience and comfort of our customers and exhibiting partners. Hence the decision to cancel the show.

Ironically, show contracts had been issued, slips assigned and the first direct mailing already gone out. For all intents and purposes the Strictly Boaters Boat Show was off and running, and we were looking forward to hosting the first in-water boat show since New Jersey reduced the sales tax on vessels to 3.5%.

The Strictly Boaters Boat Show has always been scheduled during that narrow window of opportunity between the end of winter and the re-arrival of seasonal slip holders. Therefore, postponing and rescheduling the 2016 Show is simply not a plausible option.

Please accept our sincerest wishes for a busy and successful 2016 boating, fishing and selling season. Rest assured, we’ll stay in touch and keep you informed as plans for the 2017 Show begin to crystalize.

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Take Advantage of the New Sales Tax Cap

“Now that the sales tax on boat purchases has been capped at $20,000, there has never been a better time to buy a boat in New Jersey” Mark Allen, Show Manager

There has never been a better time to buy a boat in New Jersey. Time was if you bought a boat in New Jersey you paid 7% sales tax. On a 30’Jupiter priced at $275,000, that tax amounted to $19,250.00. On a Viking priced at $1,000,000 the tax amounted to $70,000. A lot of money in either case!

Unfortunately for New Jersey, boat buyers soon discovered that they could buy either of the above boats in a neighboring coastal state like New York, Delaware, Maryland or even Florida where the sales tax on noncommercial vessels had been reduced to 3.5% and capped at $20,000. In these cases, the tax on the 30’ Jupiter would amount to only $9,265, and $20,000 on the Viking thanks to the $20,000 cap (a $50,000 savings). Is it any wonder that the businesses of boat building, boat selling, boat maintenance and recreational boating in general have been in freefall for years in New Jersey?

Last month on December 9th, Governor Christi with the concurrence of the vast majority of New Jersey legislators approved a measure which effectively places a $20,000 “cap” on the amount of New Jersey sales tax imposed on non-commercial boats. Per the above illustration, prior to passage of this measure, New Jersey boat dealers were required to impose the entire 7% sales and use tax on all non-commercial boat sales, regardless of cost. Given that the price tag of most new yachts generally exceeds one million dollars, this sales tax burden was excessive and placed New Jersey boat dealers and buyers at a distinct disadvantage when compared to neighboring coastal states since most of these states already benefit from a sales tax cap similar to the new cap enacted by New Jersey’s legislature. With the enactment of this measure, the New Jersey legislature has effectively “leveled the playing field,” thereby enabling New Jersey’s boat dealers to get “back into the game,” and compete. It also allows New Jersey’s boat buyers to “buy local.”

In an effort to ensure that the measure benefits all New Jersey boat buyers, regardless of cost, the legislature also halved the state sales tax for ALL boat purchases. In any case, the maximum sales tax a New Jersey boat buyer will now pay has been at capped at $20,000. Industry professionals are confident that the new 3.5% across the board sales tax will provide a very real incentive for boat buyers of every class and size along with generating a much needed across-the-board boost to New Jersey’s entire boating industry.

So, what does this new legislation mean to you, the New Jersey boat buyer?

It means that when you buy that new or used boat the sales tax will be capped at 3.5% saving you a bundle of cash. It also means that those who have purchased a boat out-of-state will no longer be punished when they return that vessel to New Jersey for a visit, service or to fish a tournament.

Why? Because in addition to encouraging New Jersey boat sales, the measure also established a 30 calendar-day grace period for the imposition of the use tax when New Jersey residents make these type purchases. Previously, a vessel purchased out of state by a New Jersey resident was subject to the use tax if and when that vessel returned to New Jersey waters for any reason including service, to fish a tournament or even for a simple visit. This was the method used by New Jersey taxation to discourage state residents from buying their boats out-of-state and avoiding the existing sales tax. In practice, the method backfired since it also discouraged state residents from returning to New Jersey with their boats for periodic visits or to fish tournaments.

One of the bill’s key sponsors, Senator, Jeff Van Drew he summarized the challenge this way, “New Jersey has a long history of boat building, particularly in our shore areas. Unfortunately, production has declined in recent years as a result of the recession, Superstorm Sandy and other factors that have led to a loss of both business and jobs. We have the ability to strengthen the industry, but we have to make the necessary changes to do that.” The Senator went on in his statement to offer the following promise, “By capping the amount of sales tax imposed on non-commercial boats, we will compete with states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Florida. Updating and changing our tax policies will help bring consumers back to our state for these purchases, repositioning us as a competitor in this industry and supporting and growing local jobs.”

Thus, this recently enacted sales tax cap must be seen as a win-win-win; a win for New Jersey boat buyers, a win for New Jersey’s boating industry and a huge win for New Jersey itself.

So, take advantage of this new sales tax cap and come out to the Strictly Boaters Boat Show, April 29th – May 1st.

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Nothing Sells a Boat like a Boat!

Year #8 for the Strictly Boaters Boat Show
April 29, 30, May 1st 2016

We all know that nothing sells a boat like the ride! Indoor boat shows introduce prospective buyers to the new lines but it’s unlikely that they’re going to actually buy until you get them in that boat, out on the water. That’s where the Strictly Boaters Boat Show comes in. Strictly Boaters is a true in-water boat show held at an operational marina, South Jersey Marina in Cape May. Every boat exhibited in the water has free access to open water, whether it is the harbor, canal, bay or ocean. Remember, this is a true in-water boat show that is literally designed to provide for sea trials and demo rides. This year we plan to work with exhibitors to establish a set schedule for demo rides and sea trials.

Remember, potential boat buyers are pre-qualified by their presence. Eight years ago South Jersey launched this new boat show specifically designed to appeal to the serious boat buyer. Unlike conventional, boat shows, Strictly Boaters does not seek to attract the casual, non-boating public. Rather, this Show’s marketing plan targets those events, publications, stores and venues frequented by people who love boats, water and fishing.

As its name applies, Strictly Boaters features regional boat manufacturers, dealers and companies that furnish products and services used by New Jersey’s boaters. Historically, over 50 manufacturers, dealers, suppliers have exhibited at the show. The show’s success is most clearly demonstrated by its growth, and sustainability. Launched during the worst recession since the Great Depression, Strictly Boaters now enters its 8th year, and most exhibitors have been with us since the beginning.

So, save the date: April 29th 30th, May 1st, 2016

The particulars: This is a three-day show, Friday through Sunday, April 29, 30 and May 1st, from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. located at South Jersey Marina in Cape May, New Jersey.

For more information contact the Show Manager:
Mark Allen

South Jersey Marina
1231 U.S. Highway 109 | Cape May, NJ 08024