2014 Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the Strictly Boaters Show we usually post a Wrap-Up Press Release to the website, but when I saw the article that ran in Friday’s Asbury Park Press, in the Hook-Line and Sinker section, I realized there was nothing more I could add. In case you missed the article, I’ve attached it hereto. Many thanks to John and Hank of the Press.

I tried to thank as many people personally as I could, but that is an impossible task. From boat exhibitors, on-land exhibitors, sponsors, our press partners, suppliers and folks within our own company, Mike and Sam… so many people played a part in making the Strictly Boaters Boat Show the success it has been since its inception in 2009.

Of course a special thank you goes out to Doug Campbell for joining us on Friday to discuss the loss of the Bounty during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Going forward, some of you have given me some great ideas how we can fine-tune OUR boat show. Keep the ideas coming, have a great season, and give some serious thought to fishing with us this summer.

All the best, Mark